VMC Gliding Jig Oklahoma

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Color: Antique Gold
Size: 1/8 oz.
$8.99 $11.49
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Extra-wide gap hook. Best suited for deepwater finesse fishing. Slow side-to-side fluttering action. Fine double hook bait keeper. Can be fished with soft plastic or alone. Large eye-line tie. Lead-free weight.

  • Extra Wide Gap Hook
  • Best Suited for Deep Water Finesse Fishing
  • Slow Side-to-Side Fluttering Action
  • Flash & Vibration
  • Fine Double Hook Bait Keeper
  • Fish with Soft Plastic or Alone
  • Large Eye-Line Tie
  • Lead-Free Weight
Weight Hook Size Pieces Per Pack
1/8 oz. 1/0 2
3/16 oz. 1/0 2

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