Price Match Guarantee

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

- Shoot us an email: and let us know the product you’d like to have price matched.

- Include a screenshot or a hyperlink to the site where the lower price is found.

- Let us know you want to price match!

Some Stipulations:

  1. Discounts cannot be applied on top of price matching.
  2. Price matching is based on the listed (shown) price of a product.
  3. Price matching can only be applied to the same style/color/model/size. If XXXXXS are 80% off on Amazon, price matching will not apply for an XL.
  4. For price matching to occur, the items must be in stock at both Bob’s Up the Creek Outfitters and the other retailer. 
  5. Price matching cannot be retroactively applied.
  6. We reserve the right to reject a price match if accepting a price match would result in a loss for Bob’s Up the Creek Outfitters. While rare, steeply discounted pricing during major sales (Black Friday) may not be able to be matched.
  7. This policy is not applicable to products that are subject to a manufacturer imposed minimum advertised pricing restrictions