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Completely not territorial, the Vanhunks Manatee 9’0 deluxe single fishing kayak plays big brother to our 9-foot Whale Runner kayak and features a few extra comforts and convenience trimmings with the accessory tracks and deluxe aluminum adjustable, padded seat. And while Manatees themselves may seem large, heavy, and slow, ours weighs in at an easy 51 lbs and can undoubtedly make lakes, rivers, and oceans quick and agile work. Rest assured, you’ll have 330 lbs to carry before your Manatee fishing, and touring kayak starts to lag.

The design of the Manatee 9’0 deluxe single fishing kayak is to provide maximum stability, maneuverability, and performance on the water. Given its width of 32 inches, you’d feel steady as a rock while standing and fishing from our Manatee.

Spending all day out on the water will not put a dampener on your personal comfort levels, either. Our raised deluxe aluminum seat ensures you’re not going to be getting soaked by water spray pooling beneath you.

Ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced kayakers, the Manatee fishing kayak is the perfect choice for any leisure occasion. The premium quality marine-grade stainless steel and captive brass inserts will ensure you have many days out on the water together.

1 Two-Piece Paddle with three-position adjustment features. The shaft made of heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminum, built-in handgrips, and PVC anti-drip rings
1 Deluxe Aluminum seat
1 Water-resistant storage hatch (Square)
1 Storage hatch (round)
2 Side handles with bungee to secure your paddle
2 Rubber carry handles (front and back)
Drain plug
8 Scupper Plugs
Bungee at the back storage area
1 Swivel rod holder
2 Integrated fishing rod holders
1 Cupholder
Fishfinder compartment (fishfinder not included)
2 Side Aluminum Tracks

Length: 70 cm / 9 ft
Width: 80 cm / 32 inches
Height: 30 cm / 12 inches
Weight: 23 kgs / 51 lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity: 150 kgs / 330 lbs

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