Railblaza StarPort Fixed Extender


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The RAILBLAZA Fixed Extender gives paddlers another 5 inches of height on any StarPort compatible RAILBLAZA accessory. The top of the Fixed Extender has a snap lock to secure your accessory in place. This extender is meant for horizontal surfaces and cannot be used vertically. Use the Fixed Extender to raise your RodHolder II, when the butt of your fishing pole is over 6 inches long. Base not included. 

  • Fixed Extender elevates accessory 5 inches 
  • Meant for use on horizontal surfaces 
  • Snap-lock security mechanism 
  • Base not included 

NOTE: The Fixed Extender increases the force applied to a StarPort, they are not designed to have heavy loads applied. Extenders must not be used with a rod holder for trolling.


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