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We’re stoked to bring you our first kayak and flagship model of the Crescent Specialized Fishing Line. The Shoalie combines our signature paddling performance and platforms with systems designed specifically for fishing. These systems help anglers efficiently manage their rods, paddles, tackle, electronics, and comfort on the water. This is a truly versatile kayak that caters to every type of angler on any waterway.

Rod Management Systems

From bow to stern, this kayak has everything an angler needs to store and manage rods while on the go or on the water. The Bow Rod Securing System by Rod Saver keeps your rods strapped down during transport. Rod Butt Stops keep them stationary in the cockpit. The front tankwell features our Thru-Hull Rod Locker for safe storage. Channels along the rails holster two additional rods with bungees. Low Profile Rear-Facing Rod Holsters provide quick access at a low angle to keep your rods from hitting limbs and trees.

Molded-In Innovation

The all-new Crescent Cam Track System is a rail and handle system with an integrated adjustable-length carry handle, tow strap, wading belt, and stand assist. The handle is fully removable for mounting accessories. This kayak features our first, molded-in Adjustable Seating System with ample tackle/gear storage. We also integrated our new Roto Release Paddle Park System for easy cross-deck paddle holding or mounting additional accessories. The kayak comes fully loaded with a pad kit, YakAttack GearTracs, PowerPole mounting points, Line Cutter/Hook Sharpener Recesses, and Cupholders.

Product Integrations

We designed this model to incorporate the best manufacturers and gear systems on the market. The Shoalie features YakAttack GearTracs throughout with additional GearTrac mounting options. Dual YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holders. An Anchor Wizard can be flush-mounted on either side with rear channels for drag chains or an anchor. Rear mounting points accommodate a Power Pole without affecting the anchor channels. The cockpit features a horizontal recess for a 26” Ketch Board making for easy and secure fish measuring. Boonedox Landing Gear mounting points are located on the rear tankwell.

Specialized Hull Design

The hull on the Shoalie is incredibly quiet with no hull slap in rough conditions. The medium rocker profile is agile in tighter water. Our bulbous nose adds volume to keep the bow riding high through rapids and surf. Additional volume to outside chines makes for quicker second stability engagement and greater stability. The compressed hull reduces draft for shallower water navigation. A Pronounced keel makes for excellent tracking (straight paddling across all waterways".

  • Length: 11' 10"
  • Width: 34" 
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Capacity: 450 lbs

Molded In Features

  • Dual Cupholders
  • Hook Sharpener & Line Cutter Recesses
  • Dual Tackle Bungees
  • Drag Chain/Anchor Channels
  • Added Rigidity To Cockpit Deck
  • Stealth-Routed Cable Drill Points

Bow Cam Track System

  • Recessed Aluminum Track
  • Traditional Carry Handle
  • Tow Strap
  • Stand Assist
  • Additional Accessory Mounting

Front Tankwell

  • Upper Level Storage For Smaller Items
  • Lower Level Storage For Tackle & Battery
  • Internal Rod Storage

RotoMolded Hatch

  • Rod Stager Grooves
  • Rod Saver Paddle Park
  • Water-Resistant Gasket
  • Secured w/ Tabbed Bungee

Cockpit Console

  • Multiple Fish Finder Mounting Options
  • Cell Phone Holder
  • Transducer Recess
  • Stainless Padeye Tether
  • Horizontal YakAttack Gear Track Mounting Option

Specialized Fishing Seat

  • Adjustable Seat Positions
  • Fabric Made In Georgia
  • Hand-Sewn in South Carolina
  • 2.5" Closed-Cell Foam Padding
  • Center Tie Down System
  • Heavy-Duty Cam Strap
  • Slide-Reducing Pads in High Position
  • Fully Removable

Integrated Products

  • YakAttack GearTracs
  • YakAttack Rotogrips
  • Adjustable Foot Tracks
  • Ketch Board Recess
  • Boonedox Landing Gear Mounting Points
  • Dual Anchor Wizard Mounting Points

Rod Management

  • Cockpit High/Low Rod Butt Stagers
  • Dual Low-Profile, Rear-Facing Rod Holsters

Hull Design

  • Crescent's Signature Paddling Performance
  • A Focus On Primary Stability For Standing
  • Increased Volume For Faster Secondary Stability Engagement
  • Bulbous Nose For Better Displacement
  • Medium Rocker Profile
  • Shallow Draft Keel
  • Transducer Recess

Rear Tankwell & Stern

  • Fits YakAttack BlackPak
  • Fully Adjustable Cam Strap System
  • Dual YakAttack GearTracs
  • Additional GearTrac Mounting Points
  • Boonedox Landing Gear Mounting Point
  • 8" Quarter-Turn Deck Plate w/ Storage
  • Power Pole Mounting Points
  • Drag Chain/Anchor Channels

Eva Foam Pad Kit

  • Noise Dampening
  • Added Comfort When Standing
  • Integrated Measuring Board

Tackle Management

  • Dual Tackle Storage Bungees On Sides Of Seat
  • Ample Storage Under Seat

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