Bonafide SS127 Bow Hatch


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The bow hatch on the SS127 was specifically designed for maximum organization and storage on your Bonafide fishing kayak. The raised grooves aid in rod management and allow you to stage several rods rigged and at the ready to cast at a moment’s notice. Made from ABS the hatch is lightweight and built for a lifetime of use. Featuring Bonafide’s propriety custom-designed Doubleheader™ Hinges the oversized bow hatch is capable of opening either towards the bow of the kayak while you are on the water allowing for easy access or towards the stern making in-hull storage of rods, paddles, and stakeout poles extreme easy when transporting your gear after a long day on the water. Included with this kit are one thermoformed bow hatch, four hinge upper mounts, and the cord attachment. Made in the USA.

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