Perfection Lures Sure Hook-Up Shaky Head 3pk


Color: Green Pumpkin
Size: 1/8oz
Sold out

This is the "honestly upright" stand-up finesse jig for bass. In other words, the Perfection Lures Sure Hook-Up Shaky Head Jighead really does settle on the bottom with its hook standing high and upright, ready for a positive hookset every time. Invented by David Dudley, the Sure Hook-Up Jighead is ideally configured for presenting finesse worms, craws, lizards, soft swimbaits, grubs, and tubes shaky-style. Great for fishing in low grass or on rubble bottoms; with the barb elevated, snags are reduced and the hooking percentage is elevated.

  • The "honestly upright" stand-up jighead
  • Hook remains steeply upright when at rest
  • Enables positive hooksetting
  • The ideal shaky head for most soft plastic baits
  • Resists snags while increasing hookups

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