Boardworks Riptide - All-Around SUP

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Size: 11' 6"
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The Boardworks Riptide made with our exclusive Bombshell construction is a great “do it all” rigid paddle board designed for the budget-minded paddler. This board can take a beating and is stable enough to accommodate all sizes of paddlers and pets. Made with the industry’s most durable construction, the Riptide SUP comes in two sizes - 10’ 6” for smaller, lighter paddlers and an 11’ 6” for taller and heavier paddlers. The Riptide creates a stable, forgiving platform - giving you confidence that your paddle time will be spent on top of and not in the water. The Riptide is our most cost-effective, stable, and durable board. Fun for you and versatile enough to get the entire family enjoying hours on the water.

Length 10' 6" 11" 6"
Width 33" 34"
Thickness 4 3/4" 4 1/2"
Volume 224 L. 236 L.
Fin Set Single Single
Construction Bombshell
Novice MAX. 225 lbs 
Intermediate MAX. 250 lbs
Advanced MAX. 275 lbs

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